Practical and economical civil

construction for the needy. 


TotalTech based at Kollam in Kerala is an integrated engineering consultancy managed and run by renowned and experienced civil and architectural engineers. With the experience of almost 25 years behind them, they had been building a reputation for delivering creative, value-led building solutions for an ever changing world.


TotalTech, with its universal and broad vision for a better and cleaner world for the future generations, is taking up civil and architectural engineering projects ranging from small homes & villas to high-rises.



Homes of the needy and without adequate resources



Our thrust and focus is on making cute homes for those with limited budgets, especially among the older generation as well as the poor. We envisage creating homes where homeowners can live within their limited budgets without having to suffer on a dally basis all their lifetime.


TotalTech is not about making money and generally our reward and recognition is when the homeowners realizes what they have and what they’re able to enjoy. It’s just a really good feel good moment.


Welcome to a the TotalTech world of humaneness, compassion and oneness.






















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